Our programmes

Alsama sets up education centres, sports hubs and social enterprises in refugee camps in Lebanon. We have developed an innovative curriculum for providing informally-educated refugee teenagers with 12 years of typical school education in just 6 years. Our projects are run for – and, in large part, run by – refugee communities.

Our stories

Alsama connects worlds. We offer refugee children a diverse education, provide refugee women with an opportunity to earn an income, and we give volunteers and donors a way of engaging with a group of people who can do a great deal but need a little support.

Alsama raises up lives

  • Education

    We are the first - and often only - source of education for our students. Most arrive illiterate in Arabic, unable to speak English or to perform any Maths. In just 3 months we eradicate illiteracy, and in 6 years we provide 12 years of education - preparing our students to progress to Higher Education.

  • Empowerment

    We keep children off the streets and out of crime, early marriage and child-bearing. We are proud of our Awareness curriculum that covers female empowerment amongst other topics, and that fewer than 1% of our students leave the school due to early marriage. We also empower their mothers by providing work and an income through the Alsama Studio.

  • Leadership through sport

    We use cricket as a unique way to build both physical and mental strength. With over 500 players, Alsama has and continues to build competitive Cricket teams that provide male and female refugee teenagers with space to challenge themselves and grow.

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