our projects

Alsama sets up education centres, sports hubs and social enterprises in refugee camps in Lebanon. Our projects are run for – and, in large part, run by – refugee communities.

our stories

Alsama connects worlds. We offer refugee children a diverse education, provide refugee women with an opportunity to earn an income, and we give volunteers and donors a way of engaging with a group of people who can do a great deal but need a little help.

alsama raises up lives

  • mind

    Each teenager who comes to our center learns to read and write Arabic. They acquire English language proficiency, an understanding of budgeting and an education in the life-skills necessary to survive in a refugee camp. For refugee women, Alsama offers opportunities to earn a living by starting a social enterprise, joining an embroidery business, or by working as teachers.

  • body

    You can’t move your brain without moving your body. So, all teenagers are encouraged to attend Yoga classes. In addition, we run sport hubs where we teach boys and girls to play a team sport.

  • spirit

    We give the children and women tools to express themselves creatively by running classes in creative writing, drawing, graffiti, film and literature. In the future we hope to add music and dance to our offering.

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