Secondary Education Institute


In November 2020 the Alsama Secondary Education Institute opened its doors to 180 boys and girls aged 12-24 in Shatila. The students receive 5 hours of each Arabic, English and Math every week, in addition to Yoga, awareness/empowerment classes, poetry and English reading support. The classes are grouped by ability, not age. We teach specially created curricula for teenagers who have missed most of their primary school education. Moreover, we have assessed the pupils and our goal is for them to reach the official Lebanese Brevet level in the three major subjects within 3 – 5 years (depending on ability and age).

The Alsama Institute is the first secondary school not only in Shatila, but in any refugee camp across the Middle East. We want to set up secondary education institutes in camps all over the region.

We’ve been selected to implement the newly-created Refugee School Model.


Learning Content:Top-quality curriculum, teacher guides and assessment developed by experts and tailored to the refugee school context. Content aligned to the national curriculum to allow for future pathways to certification.

Teacher Quality: Teacher training programme tailored to the curriculum and refugee school context. Teacher coaching platform including train-the-trainer model1 and observation and feedback systems in schools.

School Management: School-wide processes that support positive, orderly learning environment. School management structures with clear roles, responsibilities, and accountability for performance. Data collection and tracking on school-, teacher-, and student-level outcomes.

Student Well-Being: Organised sports programme to support physical well-being. Focus on fostering socio-emotional learning and a positive school climate. Modules on global citizenship, creative expression and life skills.


The Cost

In order to educate one student for a year it costs $865.

How you can help us

By donating $70/£50 a month, you can give a refugee teenager the most powerful tool for change: an education.

Please contact for the details on how to set up a standing order.

Or simply set up your monthly recurring donation by clicking through to our donation page. Thank you.

I will break the chains that have held me back for such a long time. And I will rebel against the barriers of silence that prevented me from my dreams. I will cross the great ocean of life with my small paper boat. Knowledge and hope will be my oaths. I live if I exist and I will live my life and learn as long as I live.

Alaa, 17, Alsama student, Shatila

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