About Alsama Project


Alsama means “sky” in Arabic. We educate refugee children and empower refugee women. We offer them a new horizon.

Alsama sets up secondary education centres, sports hubs and social enterprises in areas of the Middle East affected by conflict. Our projects are run for – and, in large part, run by – refugee communities.

It’s isolation that hurts us. When we stay separate from refugees and they stay separate from us. The Syrian refugee crisis requires both sides to look up, reach out and connect.

Meike Ziervogel, CEO, Alsama Project

Vision and Values

We support our students and women to achieve what they thought is impossible.

We value commitment, collaboration and ambition. We encourage these values in our students and staff.

'I love you so much. I am putting this message in the complaint box and I am sorry that I have no complaint or suggestion but I love you all so much. I'm crazy with love for you.' A message left in the complaint box of the Girls Centre in Shatila.

The Mind

Each girls who comes to our empowerment centres learns to read & write (if she can’t yet do this). They will acquire English language proficiency, an understanding of budgeting and an education in the life-skills necessary to survive in a refugee camp. Most importantly, they will receive “awareness” mentoring on topics such as sexuality, early marriage, bullying, sexual harassment and self-esteem.

The students of our secondary education institutes aim to pass the Lebanese Brevet exams.

For refugee women, Alsama offers opportunities to earn a living by starting a social enterprise, joining an embroidery business, or by working as teachers or coaches.

Sing, dance, practice yoga, do everything you can to keep the smile on your face. Don’t give up on life, love it!

Maram, 13


We give students tools to express themselves creatively by running classes in creative writing, drawing, graffiti, film and literature. In the future we hope to add music and dance to our offering.


Yoga at the Girls Centre in Shatila.


You can’t move your brain without moving your body. So, all students are encouraged to attend Yoga classes. In addition, we run sport hubs where we teach boys and girls to play a team sport.

Cricket coaching in Shatila.


Alsama Project UK

Alsama Project is registered in the United Kingdom as a not-for-profit company registration No 12433605. It is also registered as a charity, charity registration No 1191810.

Alsama Project Lebanon

In Lebanon Alsama Project is registered as an non-governmental, charitable organisation  with the Ministry of Interior, registration no: 372/2021


Meike and Kadria and their beautiful tea maker in the kitchen of the Girls Centre in Shatila.

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