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Our Islamic Advisor

Alsama is proud to appoint as its Islamic advisor Mufti Yusuf Ebrahim Akudi. Mufti Yusuf comes from the first generation of Muslim Imams born and educated in the UK. He graduated from the Institute of Islamic Education in 1997 and since has been involved in various faith, shariah, charitable and educational projects in the UK. Mufti Yusuf is married and has three children.

Mufti Yusuf has presided as a Mufti and board member of the Islamic Tribunal, Sharee Council in Dewsbury, providing advice and guidance as well as preceding over cases and discussing Islamic law within the Panel.

As well as being a prominent presenter on Iqra TV and British Muslim TV, Mufti Yusuf has also taught in and developed Madrassahs and worked as a Muslim Imam within a Prison Multi Faith Chaplaincy team. He has also been a board member of the Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum.

He has studied Arabic Language, Quran Exegesis, Islamic Economics, Sociology, Law and Islamic Ethics. He is fluently spoken in three South Asian language as well as being fluent both in written and verbal in Arabic, Urdu and English.

Do My Contributions to Alsama Qualify for Zakat?

Alsama works to improve the lives of refugee teenagers and women from Syria who have come to Lebanon and now live underneath the poverty line. Our students come from harsh  backgrounds- having experienced war, seeing their friends and family members die in front of their eyes, losing home and even being subjected to domestic violence in many cases.  They are resilient and keen on developing against all odds.

We believe in empowering the communities we serve. Our projects are run for – and, in large part, run by – refugee communities. Taking inspiration from our students, we have grown from a small embroidery studio in Shatila camp to an organisation spread across Lebanon supporting 600 refugee teenagers through secondary education and cricket and 30 women through our empowerment studio.

We need your noble support to continue to reach more people in need of assistance. Alsama accepts Zakat contributions. Mufti Yusuf has confirmed that donations to Alsama are Zakat compliant:

The Alsama Project can receive Zakat since it is providing material support to Syrian refugees who live in the camps and who work in various capacities for the organization furthering its good work.

Mufti Yusuf Ebrahim Akudi

Watch Mufti Yusuf talking about Alsama here.

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