25th July 2022

Final examinations time

All Alsama students are giving the Cambridge, UK Maths, CAT 4 and ASER exam this month before the school year wraps up. The results will be compared with the tests that took place in the start of term to evaluate their improvement.  

At Alsama, we believe in meaningful progress. These exams help us review which areas our students need support in. We plan the academic year ahead keeping in mind these needs and give tailored attention to the students specific to their requirements.

I am not stressed about these exams because the best thing about them is that they test your logic and ability, not your power to memorise and reproduce.

Aisha, group 8 student, Shatila

We took almost 3 weeks to prepare the exam papers specific to Alsama needs and now I think we are ready. This test is outcome oriented- it helps us evaluate whether our curriculum is working or not. Are our students actually learning in this system? We have had positive results till now, and this year looks promising too. Fingers crossed!

Helen, Head of Alsama English Department

Students will get back into classrooms in early September depending on their performance in these exams. Wish them good luck!

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