20th April 2020

Thank you for your amazing support!


Alsama now educates 210 refugee children from 133 families.

All of these families live below the poverty line. But since the outbreak of the Covid -19 pandemic, their situation has become desperate. The price of food in Lebanon has doubled and the parents can’t work.

Kadria – the director of the Shatila Alsama Institute – told us: ‘Each day, mothers and fathers call me. They cry in desperation but also shame. Their children are going to bed hungry.’

So, we decided we’d better do something. With your help we have given all 133 families food boxes, including rice, lentils, pasta, oil, milk, sugar, tea, bread, and tins of tomatoes, tuna and apricot jam, as well as household sterilization products. Kadria and Mohammad in Shatila and Bourj al-Barajneh and Thaer and Mazyad in Bekaa will buy from traders in the camps. And they know where the families live.

We now also have enough money to cover health emergencies.

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