16th March 2023

Tales of Art!

Alsama recently witnessed an incredible art exhibition which took place over two days – the first display took place in Shatila 2’s new hall, and the second in Bourj Hammoud.

Volunteers Kitty and Ben have been running a project named Tales of Art, through which students and teachers have had the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of art.

There was an incredible selection of works of art – 35 pieces in total, ranging from paintings to sculptures.

Friday’s exhibition also provided the stage for an incredible opera, written and performed by our professional group.

Mariam, our volunteer teacher at Bourj, next to her moving painting which depicts her children that are currently still in Syria.
Shatila student Ateka next to her incredible painting.

The quality of the artwork was exceptional, but the truly amazing part of the exhibition were the stories behind the paintings. Months of hard work went into these pieces, which represent our students’ lives and experiences.

Our professional group performing their opera.
Our volunteers Kitty and Ben, who set up and run the project ‘Tales of Art’.

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