Thaer Abou Serdaneh

Cricket Coach, Bekaa

Cricket is an intellectual sport; it helps our students develop their critical thinking skills and keeps them away from violence.

From Ksara in the Bekaa, Lebanon.

Sport saved Thaer’s life. Without it, he believes, he’d be in prison now. Thaer was born in the Bekaa valley to a Lebanese mother and a Jordanian father. His father left when he was one year old. According to Lebanese law a mother cannot give her nationality to the child. Throughout his childhood Thaer was bullied because his mother brought him up as a single parent. He started working odd jobs in his teens and eventually saved enough money to complete his schooling and go to university. For him cricket is the ultimate game as it brings together mind and body. And one of the proudest moments in his life as cricket coach was when the Bekaa Girls team beat the Bourj el-Barajneh Girls team.

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