Student, Secondary Education Institute, Shatila and Alsama Yoga teacher

People here come from war and violence. I want them to experience the power of yoga- how it can help your mind and body in the tough situation we live in.

Nabila, Alsama Yoga Teacher

Nabila has been with Alsama from the start. She joined our yoga and empowerment centre in 2019 and also enrolled in our Shatila school. She says she joined Alsama because she wanted to structure her life and build a confident and strong personality. The life inside the crowded Shatila camp is difficult but yoga gave her respite. In the beginning, she found some of the poses like the shoulder stand too tough, but she did not give up. She kept learning and even volunteered to go for training with Koun yoga NGO. After 15 months of intense training, she became a certified yoga teacher. Today, Nabila delivers yoga sessions to our students and cricket players in Beqaa and Shatila. She is also receiving advanced yoga training from Tools for Inner Peace. Her dream is to master as many yoga techniques as she can and teach them to her community in the camp.

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