Mohammed Khier

Head Coach Lebanon, Alsama Cricket

Cricket is not a well-known game in the Arab world. With the Alsama Cricket club we have taken the first steps to establish this fantastic game of peace and love and character building in the Middle East.

Palestinian-Syrian, born in Damascus. He now lives in Beirut with his two cats, Shama and Rita.

In 2013, Mohammed’s house was bombed leaving him buried beneath the rubble. He was lucky to be rescued and lucky again to escape to Beirut. He still remembers the exact day and time he arrived: 8th of the 8th 2013 at 10pm. He became a teacher working with Syrian refugee children. Then he heard about the cricket. He fell in love with the game, and after a year he became Head Coach, responsible for 240 refugee children playing cricket three times a week in Shatila, Bourj al Berajneh and the Bekaa Valley.  He takes great pride in his all-girls team from Shatila – perhaps the best team in the whole programme. One day he hopes that they will play against, and beat, a national team from England.

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