Student, Girls Centre Shatila

Yoga helps me to focus and breathe when I feel panic rising inside me. And I love the beautiful movements. I feel like a bird stretching its wings.

Msera was born in 1996 into a conservative family from the countryside near Damascus. She was married at 14. Her first child was born a year later. She now has three children, two girls and a boy, and says that she doesn’t want more children. Her passion is sport, and even though she lives in a tiny flat in the camp, she persuaded her husband to buy her an exercise bike and a rowing machine. She trains an hour every day. Msera initially joined the Alsama programme to learn English. Yet, what caught her imagination was the yoga. She now wishes to become a yoga teacher for other refugee women. And in order to learn quickly, she records all yoga sessions on her phone and repeats them daily in her home. She has also signed up her 9-year daughter for children’s yoga in the nearby Sabra camp.

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