Student, Secondary Education Institute Shatila and Cricket Player

Before coming to the Alsama centre, my life was like a prison. All day I had to sit in our small flat with my young siblings. I had no friends. But since coming to Alsama, I feel much better. And I’m learning new things: yoga, cricket and how to interpret books and films and paintings. I begin to look at the world differently.

Lujein has attended the Alsama Teenager Education Institute in Shatila since January 2020.

Lujein was born in 2006 in Damascus. She is the eldest of 7 children. Her father is a GP and her mother an accountant. They came to Shatila at the end of 2018 where the family now shares two damp rooms, a small bathroom and a kitchen. Lujein finished 8thgrade in Syria but since arriving in Lebanon has not been able to return to school because her certificates were lost during the flight. Her father has no work, and her mother earns an income from knitting at night. The family often goes hungry to bed.

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