Leena Yousif

Cricket Coach, Bourj el-Berajneh camp

Is is an amazing feeling to see the happiness and pride on a child’s face when they scored a six or took a wicket with movements that I have taught them.

Palestinian Lebanese from Beirut

Leena is a third generation Palestinian refugee. She has never known life as a full citizen with all the rights to education, work and freedom that most of us take for granted. She was born and raised in the Daouk camp in Beirut. Her childhood was not happy and when she got married to an abusive man, she struggled to make sense of her life. Yet, eventually she plucked up the courage and asked for a divorce. She now raises her son by herself. She first joined the cricket programme because she needed the money. She had never heard of cricket before. Today she says that cricket was a new beginning, the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

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