Jouhayna Fadel

Director, Alsama Studio

I want to turn Alsama Studio into the most successful embroidery business in the Middle East.

From Darayya in Syria.

Jouhayna was married when she was 14 to a man 11 years older than her. She arrived with her husband and five children in Shatila in 2013. Soon after arriving in Lebanon her husband became ill, and initially the family had no other choice than to send their eldest son out to work. But Jouhayna was very unhappy about that. She wanted her son to continue his education. So started to work as a needle artisan and initially worked for a number of different studios, including Sabbara. Then in 2019 she became head embroiderer for Tight Knit Syria in Lebanon. She joined Alsama Studio as director in the summer of 2021.

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