Ali Mohammad

Cricket Coach, Shatila camp

From Aleppo in Syria, now lives in the Bourj el Berajneh camp in Beirut.

Ali came to Beirut as a child with his family. His father opened a phone shop, and for the next few years there was enough money for Ali to go to school and the family would visit relatives in Syria regularly. But then the war broke out. Shortly afterwards the phone shop was robbed and Ali had to start working as a young teenager. Since then he’s worked in various restaurants. Ali loves playing sports and when he heard that the cricket programme was looking for a new trainee coach in Bourj Berajneh camp, he seized the opportunity. He’s now working hard to train up the Bourj Berajneh girls team so that they will beat the Shatila 1stgirls team. Just a matter of time, he says!

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