Student, Secondary Education Institute Shatila and Alsama Community Officer

Born in Idlib, Syria, Aisha had to flee to Lebanon in 2012 in the middle of her 9th grade. Unfortunately, she could not continue her education after arriving in Lebanon due to a lack of documents of her previous schooling. She got married soon after coming here. Aisha wanted to learn English and after struggling for years to look for a school, she finally found Alsama in 2020. Within 2 years, she became able to converse with native English speakers and is still determined to keep learning.

After joining Alsama, she also started training to become a community officer. After 6 months of regular training, Aisha sat an exam and interview to finally be selected as the Alsama Community Officer. Now, she gives social awareness lessons on themes such as early marriage, reproductive health, religious diversity and tolerance, culture and heritage of Syria, to students in Shatila and Bourj al-Barajneh. With her co-officer Alaa, she also delivers leadership trainings to cricket players in Bekaa.

Aisha’s dream is to help children of her community to heal from the trauma of war. She wants them to know about their rights and become strong self-confident individuals.

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