Student, Secondary Education Institute Shatila

Miss Kadria has taught me about self-respect, boundaries and discipline. I now have dreams and can even imagine a future.

Abeer was born in 2003. She comes from the Aleppo countryside. She arrived in Shatila with her mother and 8 younger siblings in 2017. Her father, who worked as a bus driver, had been killed when a bomb exploded inside his bus. At the beginning the family struggled to survive in the camp. Abeer, as the eldest, was sent out to find work but suffered severe sexual harassment. Then in early 2019 Kadria, the director of the Alsama Girls Centre in Shatila, heard about the mother and her nine children. She decided to help them where she could, offering psychological support to Abeer. Now Abeer is one of the stars of the Alsama centre. Before leaving Syria, she had finished 8thgrade. Abeer aspires to become an international lawyer. She wants to fight injustice against women.

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