27th February 2023

Poetry and Critical Thinking

Recently, Alsama welcomed Max and Stanley, who are delivering lessons in poetry and critical thinking to our students. In poetry, our students are being encouraged to think both analytically about the poem’s structure, and more broadly about its context and overall message. Through critical thinking, our students can engage thoughtfully with new ideas and themes in order form measured, independent opinions.

Max and Stanley are already excited about the progress of the students in both poetry and critical thinking. Alsama has already created some amazing poets, and current students show equal promise – already, they have been working on rhyming, repetition and similes. As for critical thinking, the students are beginning to express complex, supported arguments using words such as ‘believe’ and ‘because’.  

Students have particularly enjoyed studying ‘Democracy’ by Langston Hughes in poetry, and approaching ‘moral dilemmas’ in critical thinking. We look forward to seeing their progress!

An excerpt from ‘Democracy’ by Langston Hughes, a poem which Alsama students particularly enjoyed.

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