21st March 2021

Ghadeer makes headline news in France


Alsama’s mission is to support our students to achieve what they thought is impossible. We do this through academic education and sport. But that’s not all. We also offer professional development and job opportunities for the best. Currently we are training 12 of cricketers to become assistant coaches and two of our young women – Alaa and Aisha – to become social workers. Three of our students – Misra, Ghadeer and Nabeela – have already completed their Yoga teacher training with Koun and are now working as fully certified Yoga teachers.

Ghadeer Awad’s story is remarkable. A year ago she couldn’t look you into the eye, never smiled and was engaged to get married.

‘I was just sitting at home all day,’ she says. ‘Now I’m so busy and so happy.’

She is one of the best students at the Alsama Institute in Shatila and now earns her money by teaching yoga, supporting her parents and her siblings.

France 24 interviewed Ghadeer this week. We are so proud of our stars 🤩


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