4th May 2023

Opening of Shatila 2!

230 students aged 11-16 are now studying at ‘Shatila 2’. For 99% of these students, this is their first experience of education.

What unites these new students – and all those studying at Alsama – is commitment and ambition. Shatila is an environment which often discourages young people (particularly girls) from pursuing education – Shatila 2’s big cohort is a testament to Alsama students’ dedication and self-motivation. Already, our new students have learnt the Alsama anthem and the three guiding Alsama principles: commitment, collaboration and ambition.

The opening was attended by staff, students and a representative from the Malala Foundation. It was the Malala Fund’s support that made Shatila 2 possible – we thank them for their vote of confidence, and hope that we may collaborate again in the future.

We hope you will join us in wishing students and teachers at Shatila 2 all the very best for the future – we can’t wait to see the incredible progress they make.

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