11th June 2024

On Sunday, June 9th, our Highest group ‘professional 2’ had the fortune to attend a British university fair in Hamra with our remarkable COO, Ms. Kadria.

Our professional group is the first to take the G12++ exam, which will pave their way to university. The G12++ is a graduation-level test built by education experts around the world and tailored to refugee student contexts. Our innovative curriculum condenses the equivalent of 12-13 years of traditional schooling into just 6 years, and now they are in year four. They still have 2 years to go.

Marwa, one of the students who attended the fair, said, ‘It was an inspiring journey that filled me with determination to work with triple the effort after learning about the required standards. I now see myself in a place full of thorny trees, with Alsama as my sword. I will cut down all the thorny trees that stand in front of me, no matter how long the road is, because it has an end, and that end will definitely be victory.’

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