16th March 2023

Nour’s Fundraiser for Bourj 2!

Nour launched a fundraiser last Wednesday (8th March) in order to raise $15,000 and support 35 illiterate students joining our new school in Bourj.

These 35 students will be given lessons in English, Arabic, Maths, yoga and awareness in order to promote both education and empowerment. There are 300 students on the waiting list for our new school in Bourj – more than Alsama currently has capacity for.

Please donate by clicking the link below, so we can provide opportunities for as many students as possible!


Nour and the Communications Team are co-ordinating fundraiser posts across social media platforms – so remember to like and share Alsama’s posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Our amazing Head of Communications, Nour.

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