13th December 2021

New Cricket Coaches

This article is brought to you by Nour Al Issa, student and member of the Excellence Group at Shatila’s Education Institute.

Students from Alsama center are preparing to be cricket coaches. Soon, they will take an exam to prove their competence and what they have learnt to become coaches. They work collaboratively with each other and show some amazing potential for the future of Alsama cricket. I caught up with some of them to find out more.

Abdullah is one of the Excellence students and is 17 years old. His dream is to become a leader in Alsama centre. He said when playing cricket he feels confident and secure, and it also gives him strength. He loves coaching and has been an assistant coach before. He told me that he enjoys transferring his experience and skills to others.

It feels like she is flying like a butterfly

Then Shahed, she is a strong and lovely girl who is 15 years old. She is in group nine and her dream is to become a coach. When she plays cricket she feels positive energy and when she hits the ball it feels like she is flying like a butterfly. She wants to teach children how to think quickly and intelligently because cricket is a game that requires accuracy and focus.

Lastly, we have Marwa who is in group eight. She is 16 years old and her dream is also to become a leader. She feels over the moon whenever she plays cricket. She likes to teach cricket to the other students because it is a global game and you feel at peace by connecting with many different people through the game.

These are brilliant coaches who deserve our appreciation because they are pursuing their dreams by building professional players to spread harmony around the world through a game of peace and love.

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