Continuity is one of the most important aspects of education. Yet, it is also one of the biggest challenges of refugee education because funders often prefer to give support to short term projects.

If you subscribe to a monthly donation we can guarantee with your help the continued education of our students.

This is why we love to encourage you to become a member of the Alsama Circle.

The cost of giving an Alsama student their first year of education at our secondary education institutes in Shatila or Bourj costs £732/$891 .

So, by donating £75 /$90 a month, you can give a refugee teenager the most powerful tool for change: an education.

And if you donate a further £6/ $8 a month, you also sponsor the teenager to receive a weekend’s worth of cricket coaching.

Therefore a monthly donation of £81 / $98 sponsor 1 teenager at our secondary education institute and guarantees that they receive valuable sport education at our cricket hub on the weekends.

In recognition of your support, you will receive monthly updates on the progress of our students. You will also be invited to our annual open day in Beirut where you can meet our teachers and students, participate in classes and experience life in the Shatila camp.

Please contact to receive information on how to set up your standing order.

Or you can simply click on the donate button and set up your monthly donation straight away. Thank you. Shukran.

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