31st January 2022

Kickstarting new Alsama Cricket hubs in Beqaa

January in the Beqaa valley was cold but our students had cricket to warm them up! With the generous support of Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation we were able to kick start two new cricket hubs in Al-Marj and Gaza, Beqaa. We are proud to be running eight hubs all across Lebanon! 

A total of 88 students have joined us in both the new centres. They practice for six hours each week. We have always encouraged girls to participate. Our senior female players are already setting an example in their community and inspiring more young girls to join the team, as is evident in the team composition at Gaza hub- 31 girls and 20 boys. It is exhilarating to witness such energy levels on the pitch. 

To train these young individuals we have on board two coaches and one coordinator for each hub. As you already know we are training some of our students to become coaches and our vision is that soon they will be able to lead independently in our new locations. 

We have much more happening in these centres! Every weekend we also conduct  a yoga session in both these centres. Our certified student yoga instructors, Ghadeer and Nabila, have taken the lead in organising and delivering these health booster sessions. 

I am very happy and energetic when I go to the Beqaa. I was surprised that I could give 45 students a yoga lesson together. I was nervous when I started but the excitement of students motivated me to keep going.
Ghadeer, Yoga Instructor

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