M&E (Impact Reporting) Officer


Full-time, salaried (salary depending on experience ), minimum one year commitment. Location: Shatila refugee camp, Beirut, Lebanon.

What will you achieve?

You will help Alsama deliver on our strategic targets by enhancing the excellence of our M&E, ensuring Alsama’s impact is captured & communicated professionally

  • OKRs / KPIs (impact targets) for Alsama are clearly defined by the C-suite & understood by staff
  • Tools/systems for gauging progress are improved and embedded, Alsama-wide staff capabilities are built on data entry / reporting
  • Progress is monitored/evaluated through monthly & one-off data entry, and is objective, accurate, and timely
  • High quality reports are produced quarterly, annually, and one-off – and are structured, clear, and unified across Alsama
  • Impact is communicated clearly internally, with progress issues flagged early & proactively so we can course-correct
  • Impact is communicated clearly externally, and our external impact communications are improved

What will you do?

  • Support C-suite on identifying OKRs / KPIs (impact targets) for Alsama, and on communicating these to all Alsama staff
  • Ensure data (on students, staff, etc) is tracked & entered by Data Entry Clerks
  • Build Alsama’s M&E data entry capabilities
  • Produce effective reports
  • Build Alsama’s M&E reporting communications and capabilities
  • All of the above will be done regularly, as well as ‘one-off’ (eg. for specific donors, new initiatives, etc)

Who will you work with?

Head of Strategy & Development, CEO

What skills do you need to bring?

  • Quantitative & analytical – identifying appropriate metrics, how to measure /calculate them, how to secure inputs
  • Visual and written communications (eg. infographics, charts, memos) in English & Arabic
  • Experience with Management Information Systems & similar tools
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Process management (timelines, critical path, reliability)
  • Stakeholder management – ability to engage with and accomplish necessary tasks with variety of stakeholders
  • Self-driven independent outcome-orientation
  • Experience in M&E / Reporting with NGOs/public sector/private companies


If you think you are that person, please apply to alsama.jobs22@gmail.com with:

  • 1 page CV
  • 1 minute Selfie-video on ‘what am I most proud of having achieved’ (linked to accomplishments /work on their CV)
  • 1 page Cover letter answering Qs: (a) Why Alsama, (b) How do you embody Commitment, Collaboration, Ambition
  • Minimum 2 References (name, phone number, email, role, organisation)



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