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What is the job? 

Transform a small refugee-run project  into a profitable, internationally-renowned social enterprise with delighted customers around the world.

Alsama Studio is looking for a managing director to help  30 refugee women living in the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut to turn their small camp business into a successful social enterprise.

This is a truly entrepreneurial opportunity for you to drastically reshape women’s lives.

Full-time, unpaid, > 6 months, location: Shatila refugee camp, Beirut, Lebanon.

Who will you be working with? 

Alsama Studio creates hand-made needle art, such as embroidery, knit wear, macrame. A social enterprise set up by Alsama Project in 2020, it is run by a Syrian refugee woman living in Shatila – Zainab – and employs the mothers of students attending Alsama Project schools. Many of the women are the only breadwinners in their extended families.

The studio is financially independent from Alsama Project, which means that all the money that the studio makes goes back to the studio and the women. It has the opportunity to be a successful business, entirely run by refugee women, for refugee women.

In order to scale and make their business sustainable, Zainab and Juhayna and their team now need help.

What will you do? 

  • Excite & expand our clients and markets:
    • Get us online globally – Develop, implement and expand online presence, customer relationship management, online sales channels, marketing strategy, social media  (for sales in the camp, Beirut and internationally)
    • Get us into the corporate market – Significantly expand international corporate client base with annually returning orders
  • Build the business – Institutionalise the studio’s operations:
    • Mentor women leaders – Coach Zainab her team how to run an expanding business (including finance, marketing, communication etc)
    • Institutionalise – Put the right ‘backbone’ in place to meet evolving client demand, including readiness to rapidly fill large orders, new product lines, etc
  • Attract philanthropic investment

Who is the ideal candidate/ Who are you

  • A woman who is at the stage of her career where she  has done her ‘earning’ and is now ready for ‘returning’ (giving back to society).
  • A woman who wants to empower other women.
  • A woman who is both fluent in English and Arabic.
  • A woman who is not afraid of new challenges.
  • A woman who wants to continue to learn.
  • A woman who is willing to put herself into a situation unlike any other she will have known before – inside an overcrowded refugee camp in a country undergoing the world’s biggest economic meltdown in the last 150 years.
  • A woman who is determined, hard-working, open-minded and open-hearted, professional.
  • A woman with previous business experience.
  • A woman with expertise in basic tools – Word doc, google drive, excel, powerpoint, WordPress.
  • And a woman who ideally also has (but doesn’t need to have) a passion for  – and even a network within the world of – design, fashion, photography and needle art.

If you are that woman, then please reach out to


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