Head of Communications for Alsama Project


What is the Job? 

This is an immensely creative opportunity for a communication visionary who loves to build international communities with a strong mission.

Dazzle the world with Alsama’s story. Captivate them (and inspire them to join us!), by showing that it IS possible to educate & empower refugee teenagers to move away from a destiny of poverty, child marriage & child labour – and towards a meaningful future of employment, entrepreneurship, and contributing to society. That Alsama is a role model making real & lasting change, fast. That we are building partnerships, and seeking more donors to continue making this impact happen. All of this of course, without losing the unique Alsama touch. ☺

At Alsama, we are great in showing the world that we are transforming the lives of 600 refugee students living in camps in Lebanon. Now, we want to open more education institutes and cricket hubs in Lebanon. So, we have to scale up our communication – internally and externally, in order to reach more organisations & individuals who are inspired to sponsor us. We also want to have a global voice because we believe we have developed a successful approach to long-term refugee education. And we want to change the world – just a little bit. Our students like to go big against early marriage. We have the impact, we have the real-life stories; what we need is the slogans and images.

Full-time, paid (salary depending on experience ), minimum one year. Location: Shatila refugee camp, Beirut, Lebanon.

Who will you work with? 

You will be reporting directly to the CEO, and thought-partnering with the Head of Strategy and Development.

You will interact with all our refugee-led departments (education, scholarships, vocational training, cricket training) across our locations in refugee camps in Shatila, Bourj al-Barajneh,and beyond. You will also be in touch with our external contacts, including donors, partners, media outlets, and friends of Alsama.

Most excitingly, you will have the opportunity to work with and help support the Alsama students who are super involved in our social media.

What will you do?

Tell the world about us, and get them to join the journey.

  • Develop & implement a transformational strategy to increase our reach & engagement
  • Refine our brand – while amplifying our natural Alsama voice
  • Direct exciting content & assets for our social media & sites – keeping it student-created
  • Create outreach material for existing and potential donors, including annual reports, the Alsama end-of-year gift book etc
  • Expand our global network of journalists, PR – the edgier & bolder, the better
  • Convert reach & followership into financial sponsorship – we need people to join us, not just follow us!

Build our power in communicating within Alsama too

  • Build & embed a strategy to improve how we internally talk to each other, reflecting how productive & collaborative we are!
  • Institutionalise comms channels within Alsama to make sure we all know what we need to know (initiatives, changes, events, etc)
  • When needed, help shape & cascade our most important messages – sometimes, all it takes is just a second pair of eyes or an alternative perspective

Are you the ideal candidate? Yes, if… 

  • You are excited to connect the ever-growing refugee world with the non-refugee world.
  • You are fluent in English, and ideally speak Arabic.
  • You are a strategic thinker, and you then make things happen.
  • You are humble, hard-working, self-motivated.
  • You are well-organised, structured, and focused, even in a fluid context.
  • You collaborate effectively with people across a wide range of perspectives & seniority.
  • Your written communication skills are pitch perfect. And you just know how to say things succinctly.
  • You have the creative edge – verbally, visually, graphically, conceptually.
  • You are highly digitally literate – you know, a guru in MS Office, WordPress, photography, video editing, graphic design.
  • You have a proven track record in transforming comms for organisations…
    • Externally: increasing outreach & converting outreach into engaged followers and customers/donors;
    • Internally:  increasing productivity & collaboration of staff through efficient & clear internal comms.

Oh yeah, and you have a meticulous eye for detail 😉

If you think you are that person, please apply to alsama.jobs22@gmail.com with a 1-page CV, cover letter and a one minute selfie giving us some ideas of what you might be able to do for us.


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