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I am amazed to see how cheerful and attentive my students are despite the tough circumstances they live in outside of school. Inspiration just flows everywhere here.

Ruqaiya Takreem, On-ground intern, India, 2021

Are you passionate about building bridges between refugees in the camps and the outside community? Become a Project Volunteer with us! There is nothing more important than collaboration. Only together will we find a better future.

Alsama offers exciting opportunities for those who are motivated to volunteer their time and energy to gain valuable work experience and develop their CV. 

Our core principles- commitment, collaboration and ambition- are at the heart of our work. Whether you are a student, an intern or a full time employee, everyone here is responsible for their tasks and are encouraged to drive their own projects. 

At Alsama, I am constantly immersed in a challenging, but highly motivating environment and a lot of that motivation comes from my students. Working with them is not only about teaching. It's also about establishing connection with them and being inspired by their desire to invest in a life outside the camp.

Ludovica Radici, On-ground intern, Italy, 2021

There are two main pathways to volunteer for us.

  1.  Create and implement your own project with our students. This would have to happen on the ground.
  2. Provide English lessons to our students, using our teaching method. This can happen virtually or in person. To apply for this, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to intern@alsamaproject.com.

If you are interested in applying for the second option, please follow the next steps :

  • Read our volunteering guidelines and an example of a successful project that was completed on the ground this year; Tales of Art.
  • Download and fill out the ‘Project_Plan‘ document. This is where you will lay out your project objectives, timeline, and detailed lesson plans for the first four lessons. The template has already been filled in with our Chess project to give you an example of what we expect from this plan. Please send it to intern@alsamaproject.com once completed.
  • Please also fill out the application form here.

For any questions, please email intern@alsamaproject.com.

Thank you for the interest you have for Alsama ! We will be in touch soon.


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