13th June 2022

Hugs and tears: Alsama Cricket Championship ends

Alsama held a month long Cricket Championship from mid-May to mid-June where 32 teams from across Lebanon played against each other in fierce matches. We had teams from Beqaa, Shatila, Bourj al-Barajneh and Brummana. We selected 20 teams to play in Beirut after competitive qualification rounds in all 9 Alsama hubs across Lebanon.

After a very intense semi-final and final match, we got our winner- Shatila Hub 1 Team 1.

Shatila Hub 1 Team 3 led by Captain Hadeel was at second place.

The emotions on the pitch during the semi-final and final matches ran high. It was a roller coaster of joy, sadness, cheers, tears and hugs. The energy was so high that Nabila, our yoga teacher, gave a quick calming yoga session in the middle of the pitch to relax the players.

The cheering and applause from the audience made the whole atmosphere even more exciting and charged. There was too much at stake. Shorok, from Shatila Hub 1 Team 3, kept playing in the finals even with a bruised knee, refusing to give up because the stakes were too high! You could hear her name being cheered on by the audience.

It was the spirit of my team and supporters that gave me strength

Shorok, player Shatila Hub 1 Team 3

Empowering Women in Cricket

This event was about so much more than just winning the trophy. It was a space where Alsama values of gender equality and fellowship shone brighter than ever. Here are a few statistics for quick reference-

At Alsama, all genders play together in the same pitch. We want to develop a sense of belonging in all our students, girls or boys, towards the field and the world at large. We use cricket to reiterate that they are useful members of the society and can contribute to the world. The team work and fellowship witnessed at the cricket pitch is stronger than anywhere else.

Photos by Nour Alissa and Jigar Patel.

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