27th July 2022

Highlights of an incredible year

We have achieved all our milestones for this year!

Alsama Education Institutes

With inauguration of our second education institute, Alsama now has two fully operational secondary institutes in two prominent refugee camps of Beirut- Shatila and Bourj al-Barajneh. Each institute supports 200 students.

Our innovative CTBL (Collective Theme Based Learning) curriculum based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals has proved to be a major success. Students have actively participated in solving challenges their community faces. This success was most evident when the class came up with a unanimous solution of acquiring solar panels to beat the electricity outage in Lebanon.

The mothers of our students are also actively participating in awareness course at Alsama. This year we empowered 8 women to lead these social awareness sessions and in total around 400 women were supported through this course. Read article about this in The International Educator.

We hosted our first international poetry competition with diplomatic guests and also published our first poetry book with poems written by our students.

Our students also passed the Lebanese Brevet exam with flying colours despite all the challenges they faced in the afternoon shit schools for Syrians.

Alsama Cricket

Alsama Cricket also reached new heights with 3 new hubs- 2 in Beqaa valley and 1 in Beirut- to support additional 120 players. Alsama cricket in total supports around 450 players in 10 hubs across Lebanon.

We finished 2 cycles of leadership training for new Assistant Coach candidates who will soon be sitting a test for selection. Abdallah, our group 10 student, got selected as a fully trained Coach leading a team of 3 Assistant Coaches in the new Bourj cricket hub.

We successfully held Alsama Cricket Championship II this summer. Each year we plan to have 2 championships and the second for this year is scheduled in the winter of 2022. Stay tuned to know the dates!

MCC Foundation visit

In February we were joined on the ground by MCC Foundation, the charity wing of MCC, the MCC Foundation supports 4 of Alsama Cricket hubs in Beirut and the Beqaa valley. Seeing the impact Alsama is having on the ground, they decided to expand their support to Alsama by sponsoring 2 more hubs.



Alsama Vocational Training

We have kickstarted our Alsama/tech programme in Shatila with all our students getting trained in computer skills and the more advanced ones learning the tools for coding. 60% of our tech students are female. Next year we have the goal of taking this computer class to our second school in Bourj.


6 new students are training to become yoga instructors at Alsama with Tools for Inner Peace. Our partners Koun NGO and Tools for Inner Peace are helping us bring benefits of yoga to refugee communities.


Excellence Fund

Our first cohort of students finished their academic year at Brummana High School with multiple awards and Honour rolls. While the next 2 students are awaiting results of the entrance exams they sat for multiple internationally reputed English speaking schools. We might know any day now, fingers crossed!

With your generous support, we raised $43,000 for this scholarship fund. Help us reach our goal of $27000 for next year. Visit our donorbox campaign to know more.

Alsama Studio

Alsama studio now employees 30 women, out of which 87% are mothers of our students. We are making them self-reliant and financially independent.

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