29th July 2021

Highest possible mark for learning environment in Alsama’s secondary institute in Shatila

Alsama’s dreams are big: eventually we want to open up secondary schools in refugee camps everywhere in the Middle East. So needless to say: it’s important we get our pilot school right.
We opened the Alsama school in Shatila in November. A third party assessed us according to international standards back then – school culture, teachers and students. Theses were the results: room for improvement in teaching quality, student learning, learning environment, student behaviour. As for the academic ability of our students, half of them could not write a single word in English and only 30% knew how to add and subtract two digit numbers.

9 months later the game has changed. We scored the highest possible mark in learning environment and nearly perfect mark in student behaviour. As for the academic progress of our students, most of them have now moved into the top tier of the scale.


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