29th March 2022

A beautiful documentary by the MCC about their visit to Alsama

I have travelled all around the world in different jobs. I have seen both big and small organisations, but I have never seen one where there is such a focused unrelenting commitment for the long term to make a difference to the lives of young people through education and sport.

Guy Lavender, CEO of the MCC

Did you miss out on the MCC visit to Alsama? No worries, watch this fantastic film made by the MCC about their time here with us. It features exclusive interviews with MCC President Clare Connor, CEO Guy Lavender and some really fun clips of our cricket players. The team had inspired our students and teachers alike by being on the ground with us and participating in activities of our education institute and cricket. You can find interesting details of their visit here. At Alsama, we are very grateful to the MCCF for supporting and believing in us. 

You can watch the film on our Instagram and Facebook handles. 

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