Get Involved


Alsama connects worlds. We offer refugee children a diverse education, provide refugee women with an opportunity to earn an income, and we give volunteers and donors a way of engaging with a group of people who can do a great deal but need a little help.

Here are some ways how to get involved:


We love interns, motivated people who are willing to volunteer their time and skills to make a difference. You help us build bridges between refugees in the camps and the outside communities. And there is nothing more important than collaboration. Only together we will find a better future.

Become a Member

Become a member to the Alsama Circle and sponsor a child to receive one of the most valuable things in life: education.


We welcome donations. In fact we need them in order to continue our work. We don’t run educational time-limited ‘projects’. We run institutes that offer long-term academic, sport and psychological development over many years.

Order Bespoke Gifts

Alsama Studio creates bespoke needle art – tailor and embroidery work. We will collaborate with you to create the perfect gift for your event. Private or corporate.

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