30th April 2024

Exciting news from Alsama Studio!

Alsama Studio didn’t have a tailoring machine, so they had to send their work to the tailor, and it took a long time. That annoyed Ahed so much. Then she started to learn how to do it by herself. In a short time, Ahed was able to do what she thought was impossible: create beautiful pieces like the bag showcased in the  photo.

“I have many goals; every time I achieve one, I look up to the next challenge. For now, the two goals I am working on are learning how to use the laptop and speaking English fluently to be able to communicate with visitors,” said Ahed.

As Ahed became an expert in tailoring, she is now passing on her knowledge to her colleague Mona. Mona shared with us, “The only thing that I want is for people to know that the Alsama Project exists. We hope to create new products, not just embroidery, in order to expand Alsama Studio even further.”

Alsama Studio is the breadwinner for 50 women, most of whom are mothers of our students.
Please spread the word about Alsama Studio and join us in creating even more opportunities for women’s empowerment and growth.



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