1st April 2022

Excellence Fund students launch crowdfunding campaign

We feel it is important for girls from our backgrounds to be involved in rebuilding Syria. We want to show everyone that women can do it too!

Hadeel Amjad

Driven by this thought, our 2022-23 cohort of Excellence fund students are ready to fly high!

Hadeel and Shahed, this year’s Excellence Fund candidates, are set to join Lujain and Aseel, our inaugural cohort, at Brummana High School, one of the top 10 schools in the Middle East. Our Excellence Fund supports extraordinary students of Alsama to study at best english-speaking schools in the region. All 4 candidates for this year are now aiming to raise their school fees.

Because of your assistance, last year Aseel and Lujain were able to continue their education outside the camp and get one step closer to achieving their dreams. They are working hard and are already among the top students and cricket players at Brummana. Hadeel and Shahed are currently studying at Alsama institute in Shatila refugee camp, and can’t wait to see what international education can offer them.

The girls have launched a crowdfunding campaign for which they need your valuable support. Please visit our donorbox campaign to help Alsama students build a better world.

Watch their inspirational story here.

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