We welcome donations. Infact we need them to continue educating teenagers in refugee camps across Lebanon.

We are currently raising the funds to cover school year 2021/22 for our Teenager Education Institute in Shatila.

If you like to donate money or like to put us in touch with people, foundations or organisations who would like to contribute, then please send an email to or a WhatsApp message on +44 7734682860.

Alternatively, you can also donate through our donation page by clicking on the link below.

With education I will break the chains that have held me back for such a long time. And I will rebel against the barriers of silence that prevented me from my dreams. I will cross the great ocean of life with my small paper boat. Knowledge and hope will be my oaths. I live if I exist and I will live my life and learn as long as I live.

Alaa, 17, Alsama student, Shatila

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