20th October 2022

Creative Fusion!


As well as their academic prowess, our students are also highly creative! During the past two weeks we welcomed two very special guests from Women Win, Rianne and Pien, who helped the students from our centre in Bourj release their inner talent with dance workshops and painting classes.

With Mrs Rianne the walls were brought to life thanks to some fabulously expressive painting, including some Kandinsky inspired concentric circles. This was an excellent opportunity to see how their collaboration could produce really beautiful results on a large scale.

Ms Pien taught three separate groups of students a unique choreographed routine which they picked up very quickly, delivering a strong performance to a captivated audience on Friday. A wonderful example of the power of synchronised dance!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Rianne and Pien for their visit, and to Women Win as an organisation. Their support has helped our students develop their confidence and encourage creative expression. It was hugely inspiring to witness and has left them hungry for further artistic collaborations! We look forward to seeing more in the near future.


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