2nd June 2023

Chess Competition between Alsama and Brummana!

Alsama recently took 18 students to Brummana High School (BHS), where they played an exciting chess tournament against members of the BHS chess club.

BHS students gave the Alsama team a tour around the school, and the two sides sat down for some refreshments before the competition began…



The chess matches were played in the main hall.

First up were Alsama’s best 9 players, who competed against BHS’s team of 9. It was a match with some very close and competitive games of chess which, sadly, was won 5 games to 4 by BHS.

Alsama’s second 9 then played the same BHS students and, while only winning one game, put up a good fight against some very strong players.

All in all, Alsama has done very well to compete against some very good chess players – some of whom had been playing for over 6 years, vs just the 4 months which our students have been practising.

Teachers George and Tom were extremely proud of the players, who represented Alsama extremely well throughout the day and really gave it their all.

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