23rd May 2022

Can yoga take you to the moon?

Yes, in our Bourj yoga class it can! 

With support of Tools For Inner Peace, we are teaching English through yoga. Every week we enact an English story through different poses and techniques. Today we went on a “Mission to the Moon” to drop laughter boxes on Earth in the places which lacked it.

Rasha explains the journey to us-

First we laughed together and collected all the laughter in boxes. We loaded the boxes into our rocket and then we launched it. While in the rocket, we looked out of our window into space to see the stars. After landing, we put on our space suits to walk outside with no gravity. In the end, we dropped laughter boxes onto Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Ukraine!

Rasha, Alsama student

Yoga sessions with Tools for Inner Peace are a means to learn new vocabulary- different nouns, adjectives of feeling and objects that are specific to the story- in a fun way.  It keeps the students engaged and keen to pay attention as the story progresses.

My students are very responsive. In the beginning of this project, I had some difficulties in calming the group and regulating the energy in the class. But in no time they adjusted to the flow of my sessions. They have already learnt a lot of words too, and their speed of learning amazes me!

Minna Javerpanna, Founder of Tools for Inner Peace and session instructor

Looking out from her rocket window during her Mission to the Moon, Shadia whispers in hushed tones that when she looks at the moon she sees her mother.

Today I learnt many new English words such as gravity, space, rocket, window, space suit. I think my vocabulary increases with every session and it makes me feel proud of myself.

Sidra, Alsama student

Tools for Inner Peace is supporting Alsama students in a lot more than just English lessons. Ghadeer and Nabila, our student yoga instructors, are attending weekend yoga retreats in the Lebanese mountains for more advanced training. Their experience is nothing short of mesmerising. 

It was an eventful yet relaxing weekend. I met a lot of people who shared the same interests. The mountains were super peaceful and my mind was completely calm. I have not experienced such internal peace before.

Nabila, Alsama yoga instructor

To know about our other ongoing collaborations with Tools for Inner Peace, read our previous blog here.

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