10th May 2022

Butterfly hugs and deeper breaths with Alsama Psychologist

Our students this month learnt techniques of how to relax in times of stress. Throughout May Alsama ran a series of sessions to raise awareness about mental health. We practiced tools such as the butterfly hug and breathing to ease panic under the supervision of Alsama’s in-house psychologist, Faten Saleh.

Faten is a clinical psychologist who joined us 6 months ago. She specialises in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), eating disorders, and trauma counselling. At Alsama, she runs individual and group therapy sessions, family counselling and psychodrama exercises.

There is acceptance among students to receive psychological support. Most of the times they approach me themselves.

Faten Saleh, Alsama in-house psychologist

Given the sensitive backgrounds our students come from, getting professional psychological support is a priority. Post-traumatic stress from the war, domestic abuse and living in a refugee camp without being able to engage in any social life outside, are only some of the common issues Faten deals with here.  

The biggest challenge is when the families of my students are resistant to the child receiving psychological support. I have to hold multiple family counselling sessions in such situations to solve the problem.

Faten Saleh, Alsama in-house psychologist

I took sessions with Miss Faten for over 3 months and I have seen a change in myself. Now, I am able to focus more on my studies and be positive. I am less anxious. My relationship with my family has also improved after some group sessions.

Alsama student

We are also training 2 social workers, Alaa and Aisha, to identify students who need psychosocial support, and to encourage our students to talk about mental health issues openly. 

I recommend everyone to take these support sessions because they help you a lot.

Alsama student

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