20th June 2022

Become a subscriber to ensure continuity

On this World Refugee Day, we implore you to consider contributing to sustainable refugee education by becoming a subscribed monthly donor at Alsama.

The biggest challenge in refugee education and development is that funding is limited to short term new projects. You write grants for specific time limited projects, such as a one year football training, or 5 month creative writing course, and when the project is over the funding runs out. This paradigm makes it difficult to have any meaningful long term impact.

At Alsama we have redefined our funding strategies. What we look for is long term partnerships with like minded people and organisations. It doesn’t matter how much you contribute as long as you contribute regularly.

Alsama is here to stay and our students believe in us. None of our projects are time limited. We are establishing permanent centres of education, cricket and vocational training on which our community can rely on and we are scaling up everyday.

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