10th December 2021

Alsama’s Got Talent celebrates International Human Rights Day

Alsama’s students have been hard at work in the run-up to International Human Rights Day by preparing their own human rights-themed performances for Alsama’s Got Talent.

Stakes were very high with an Alsama trophy and runner-up medal to be won. From slick choreography to impressive raps, first place was taken by Shahed Osama Al Mahwati with her rap Kafa Aonfan by Ismail Tamar, and second place Hadeel Suleiman with her speech “Spill it out!”.

Here is Hadeel Suleiman’s speech that won her a very well-deserved medal.

“Greetings and salutations to all the students and the respected teachers, guests and staff members present.

Today the speech I am about to deliver is about basic human rights. Can I ask something? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say human rights? Is it education, is it food? Is it safety? is it having a shelter? is it having a great family?

If you can’t speak then write

Well, these are some of the rights that you would think about. But today, I’ll discuss one of the rights that most of you are not aware enough about it. Which is expressing your feelings, your thoughts, your opinion, yourself.

My mother once told me that ” if you can’t speak then write, If you can’t write then act if you can’t act then dance if you can’t dance then sing” nothing can stop you from expressing your feelings. Get out of your shell and express yourself. Let everyone know about your powerful opinion and that you are a human as everyone does.

Spill it out! Let your words be heard cuz me you him and her are powerful , strong and intelligent people who have the right to be heard.”

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