Our Idea

At Alsama we believe in empowering our students with skills they need in their daily life. Most of our students had little to no experience of using a computer, but they were keen on learning the skill. This inspired us to start Alsama/tech, a digital literacy programme for all students in our education institutes.

Our aim is to give vocational computer training to every teenager at Alsama and then select the best ones to learn coding. We want to improve their economic opportunities and empower them to contribute to their community.

Our Project

After a very successful pilot run for three weeks, we launched Alsama/tech in February 2022. All students from our education institute are enrolled, making up 20 different groups and a headcount of 200 pupils (an increase of 160 students from the pilot project!).  Our IT teachers deliver lessons 6 hours each day, 5 days a week. 

We give basic to advanced computer literacy depending on the level of each group. Some batches focus on acquiring familiarity with the hardware, some on learning to type and use different applications, while the more advanced groups learn web development. We give lessons on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In collaboration with Codebrave, a NGO giving tech education in Lebanon, our best students receive a scholarship to learn advanced coding online with them.  

Abdal Khaleq from Group 10 says,

The tech classes are helping me become more professional. This week I learnt how to share what I know about Python (programming language) by means of a power point presentation. It is exciting to learn what technology can help us create.

We aim to empower our students to become digital entrepreneurs. We also aspire to launch a Startup Accelerator Program to support our future businesspersons and have an Alsama/tech boot camp. 

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