6th March 2022

Alsama/tech is now in the classroom!

Inspired by the success of our three week Alsama/tech pilot project from last year, we are delighted to announce the launch of our digital literacy classes this month.  Alsama/tech is a vocational training programme to learn computer skills for all our students. 

The classes kickstarted on the 28th of February with full vigour and an expanded capacity. All students from our Shatila educational institute are now enrolled making up 20 different groups and a headcount of 200 pupils (an increase of 160 students from last year!). We have also extended our teaching community to welcome specialised IT teachers who are delivering lessons 5 hours each day, 6 days a week. 

The lessons are planned weekly for each class varying with the level of the students in each group- some focus on acquiring familiarity with the hardware, some on learning to type and use different applications, while the more advanced batches are already coding.  The classes are integrated with what the students are learning in their Maths, Arabic and English classes as well. In the first week of tech classes for example, they tried to learn how to use a computer to plan and organise a family budget, something they have been learning in Maths class.

This is what Abdal Khaleq from Group 10 had to say about his tech class,

The tech classes are helping me become more professional. This week I learnt how to share what I know about Python (programming language) by means of a power point presentation. It is exciting to learn what technology can help us create

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