29th September 2020

Alsama Shatila Students Receive UK Scholarships


Three of our top Shatila students – Aseel, Hadeel and Lujain – have received scholarships to attend Bishopstrow College in the UK for the full academic year 2020/21 online. We are so proud of the girls!

In June 2020 Aseel (15), Hadeel (13) and Lujain(14) were offered a summer scholarship for two months at Bishopstrow College. The girls had never worked on a laptop before. We bought them laptops and rented a spare room for them in our centre in Shatila. By the end of the summer they had impressed the college and its teachers with their outstanding progress. They were offered scholarship for the full 2020/21 academic year. Congratulations to Aseel, Hadeel and Lujain! Girls, we know you will go far.

Here is an article about Aseel, Hadeel and Lujain on Bishopstrow’s website: https://www.bishopstrow.com/bishopstrow-supports-syrian-refugees-online-programme/

‘Aseel’s report is testament to a student who is focused, determined and above all, capable. It is rare to read a reportof such consistency. To have achieved this under the conditions which the majority of our students found themselves this year would have been extraordinary. However, the challenges that meet Aseel on a daily basis and which have presented themselves to her in just the last month mean that praise of her achievements must be amplified, and even then, may not do her quite the justice she deserves. Clearly, she would benefit from any opportunity provided to her because she would seek to exploit that opportunity whole-heartedly and relentlessly. We can only hope that opportunities continue to come her way and that she draws on her experience with us as irrefutable evidence of whatshe can achieve so that she keeps on taking those opportunities.’

‘Hadeel consistently maintained absolute focus on her studies. She completed all assembly diaries and sports assignments and quizzes to a very good standard. Hadeel was Student of the Week on more than one occasion, proving a fine example to her fellow students. When you consider the context within which Hadeel has achived all that she has this term, you can only conclude that every effort should be made to enable her to find the circumstances in which she can flourish and bring to bear the full degree of her abilities. She is clearly the kind of student that will repay all the support she is given and take every opporuntiy to improve herself. She should be proud of her work at Bishopstrow and take it as evidence that she can literally achieve anything that she determines is important and interesting for her to achieve.’

‘Lujain has demonstrated an extraordinary combination of qualities during her time with Bishopstrow College online. Her report is testament to genuine character and no shortage of ability. It is only right and proper that her efforts be contextualised by the uniquely challenging circumstances that she faces on a daily basis. Her challenges are greater than other students. However, from her achievements, you would not know this to be the case. It can only be hoped that fortune will grant her the opportunity to self-actualise and realise her full potential in life – academic and extracurricular. Bishopstrow College online has benefitted from her presence in classes and we our proud to have been able to help her in her efforts to learn and grow. Keep up the hard work Lujain – keep reading and keep smiling!’


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