7th April 2022

Alsama student becomes cricket coach!

Dream comes true! Abdallah is the first Alsama student who has become a fully trained cricket coach. He was selected from among 14 trainees after 6 months of intense coaching and leadership development sessions led by our senior coaches and social workers.  He is now the head of our newly opened Bourj al-Barajneh hub and is leading a team of 3 assistant coaches training 44+ players for 6 hours every week.   

We are delighted to see our players like Abdallah shine and become leaders in their community. They are ready to give back and support others to develop. This new hub would not have been a reality without the support of MCC Foundation who are now sponsoring a fifth Alsama cricket hub after their very successful visit to us in February. 

Abdallah is brimming with a vision and has a plan to realise it. He wants his players to share his love for cricket soon.  His eyes are set on his goal to train his Bourj team to beat Shatila team in a fierce match. We are all waiting for that exciting match!

Good luck, Abdallah!

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