25th June 2022

Alsama in Colors!

Alsama walls are full of bright colors now! This month, with support of our French friends, Emily and Yesmine, we painted the principles of Alsama- Commitment, Collaboration and Ambition- on the school walls in Shatila and Bourj al-Barajneh. We drew ants and bees for commitment, mushrooms for collaboration and birds for ambition!

It was again a student driven project. Nour Zaqzaq and Nour Al-Issa led the efforts- brainstorming together what they could draw to represent the principles, and dividing the work and areas to different Alsama artists.

I was grateful to be asked to lead the students. It was my first time leading! The experience gave me more confidence in my leadership skills and seeing the students collaborating with each other and enjoying the activity made me very happy.

Nour Zaqzaq, Co-leader of painting project

Our young artist, Abdulhai, painted a large picture of a boy studying, representing the Alsama principle of Commitment. Alsama institute walls are now signed by its young artists.

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