9th June 2021

Alsama girls are speaking out against child marriage

‘My advice to all girls is not to think about engagement and marriage before the age of 20. At 20, once she has finished her studies, maybe she can start to think about it.‘ Abeer, 18
Child marriage among Syrian refugees in Lebanon is a big problem. Statistically, 41 % of young displaced Syrian women are married before 18. Given that many marriages are unregistered, this figure may, in fact, be much higher. Indeed, many of the Alsama girls are under constant pressure from their families to get married. That’s why the first subject we teach all our students is ‘Awareness’ where they learn about the dangers of underaged marriage and their right to say ‘no’.


Here is the complete article in the Spanish press: https://www.elperiodico.com/…/matrimonios-tempranos…


And here you can watch the video report:

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