31st January 2021

Alsama Cricketers Make their International Media Debut


Spice up your lockdown evening 💃by listening to a unique podcast with three of Alsama’s star cricketers: Louay, Amani and Maram. They talk about their childhood under Isis and how cricket has changed their lives, their expectations and their dreams.

At the beginning I played cricket because on the pitch I could escape my bad memories about Isis and the war in Syria. Now I play cricket because I want to become a good player and a coach.

Louay, 15

‘It was very hard to live with Isis. You could see them cutting off the heads and cutting off the hands of some people.’

Maram, 15

The podcast also features our cricket director Richard Verity talking about his reasons for setting up cricket hubs in refugee camps in Lebanon.

The four were interviewed this week on the British sports podcast ‘Oborne & Heller on cricket’
To listen to the podcast, click this link. 

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